The " CHRISTMAS Flavours" project is a school partnership project involving pupils aged 10-12. Project is about exchanging and tasting Christmas cakes from different countries. Each partner prepare or cook their cakes, they will share their photos, videos and recipes. Then the other partners choose a cake from the list, they will cook and taste it and share their experiences to each other.

Period: November 2019-January 2020
Proposed activities:
*Students will introduce themselves to the students from partner school
*Students of each school will draw logos and vote them to specify the logo of the project
*Students of each school will prepare presentation of main information about their school adding photos ,videos or other files to twinspace
*Students will cook their Christmas traditional cakes and give recipe with the ingredients and upload photos and videos to the twinspace
*Students will choose a recipe from partner country and cook , taste and share their experience about it
-Students will organize food parties or kermises to introduce and taste these different cultural tastes
*Students will have an exhibition with the pictures of cakes from partner country