Christmas Spirit


Christmas is a magic time! All of us, especially children, are waiting for this great celebration - the Birth of Jesus. In this project, we want to share our emotions, joys and our customs, the people we are part of, on Christmas.


  1. To express artistic ability and imagination through the creation of their Congratulations, Christmas Ornaments;
    2. Growing love for Christmas customs, for traditional carols;
    3.To improve ICT skills;
    4. To improve their writing skills in the English language (vocabulary related to Christmas);
    5. Developing interpersonal relationships.


The duration of the project is six months. The two founding teachers are responsible for the smooth running of the activities proposed in the project.
We mention the proposed activities:
1.Including partners / schools in the project;
Period - October, November
2. Let us know! Photos, videos, ppt with students participating in the project. (A brief description, school, country, religion, coordinating teacher);
Period - October, November
3. Letter to Santa Claus, Congratulations, Christmas Ornaments, songs / Christmas carols - posting in tweenspace of photos and videos;
Period - December
4. Posting traditional Christmas customs with children in paddle or tweenspace (photos, videos, articles); Period - January, February
5. A good thought for / from participants. Evaluation of the project. Period - March